Seasons of the Satyr
Publisher | Unknown
Unknown Format | Unknown Release

Hokem and Courtlan are horse ranchers living on the very edge of the sacred lands, the Eunaden. In order to please their primary purchaser, the Daman military, they arrange to have a satyr present through their breeding and foaling seasons. Unfortunately, an accident at the ranch kept them from picking up their satyr during the Spring Release, and when they finally convince the Conservatory to allow them a satyr in the summer, they aren’t given the usual humble, pious, innocent embodiment of fertility personified. Instead, they get Bramble.


Coming Home
Publisher | Less Than Three Press
Out of Print–Online | January 2013
Part of the Kiss Me at Midnight Collection

Before Craig ran off to join the army, he and Zach were the best of friends (with benefits). Since returning, Craig has done his best to avoid his old friend, loath to encounter the pity he’s found everywhere else, to be reminded of what he is and isn’t. But then he’s called in to help search for a missing girl and runs headlong into their long-avoided reunion.

The Virginia Gentleman
Publisher | Less Than Three Press
Out of Print–Online | October 2012
Part of the Private Dicks Anthology

When the Virginia Gentleman rides into town, it’s a sure bet that trouble ain’t far behind. He’s quick on the draw, feared by all, and one sad little group of train robbers is about to find out why it’s never wise to bet on trouble.


The Tennis Partners
Publisher | Less Than Three Press
Out of Print–Online | February 2012
Part of the Kiss Me Quick Collection

George enjoys life at his retirement community, especially the part of every day where he sits with his friend Leo to cheerfully perv on the young, Italian tennis instructor who coaches other members of the community.

Then Leo decides to move away, and George is left to watch alone. What’s a man to do?