OLI Store on Storenvy Closed, Be Back in March
January 5, 2017

Well gang, the bad news is that my first moving day of the year in proving to be more eventful than planned. Due to circumstance beyond my control, I’m being forced to make substantial cuts to how much I take along with me this go ’round. In the choice between survival and studio work, survival must win out unfortunately. Therefore, my portable studio is being pared down to the bare minimum (which will have a fairly major effect on a few projects but I’ll shuffle the release schedule around later in the year to compensate), and one item I have decided to leave behind completely is my on-hand OLI Store stock.

This will have an impact on a couple of scheduled released for the coming weeks (2017 calendar postcards, new felt magnets and framed works, etc.), but no worries! You’ll be seeing them soon enough.

Now, the good news: my next moving day is less than two months away! I should be back to HQ for a few days before heading out on my next adventure by early March. Look for the OLI Store on Storenvy to reopen then—with a few price drops coming down the pipeline and new items added.

In the meantime, ebooks and prints for third party vendors are still available! As for the other goodies, they’ll be back in March!

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