First Friday Fandom
Collection | Online | August 2014-Present
Last Update: March 2016

My monthly opportunity to indulge in all things fandom. Whether it be talking about the media I love or creating stories including some of my favorite characters, let me show you all the things I’m a fan of.

Comix Warriors
Collection | Online | August 2014-October 2014

Responses to the Comix Warriors weekly prompts from Tumblr.


the Polar Bear and the Star
In Print | February 2016 | 14 pages

A star-gazing polar bear cub catches a falling star and takes it home. Before long, the star begins to fade, and the cub turns to friends to figure out what to do.

Real, a Calvin and Hobbes Short
Online | February 2014 | 4 pages

A tribute to Bill Watterson’s “Calvin and Hobbes” (with special appearances by Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” and Jim Davis’ “Garfield”–and Wittenburg University’s logo) that addresses the question of whether or not Hobbes is “real.”

Pigsy and Lou: Where Do Teachers Come From?
Online | February 2010 | 5 pages

Pigsy and Lou (and Harry, too!) give a brief history of the education of teachers in the USA. A class assignment from my grad school days.

Boston’s Tea Party
Online | July 2009 | 5 pages

A Jack Russell terrier rebels when forced to participate in a little girl’s tea party. Completed alongside my “Comic Books!” students at Upward Bound Summer Session, Salem International University.