One “L” Innovations (OLI for short) is a small business supporting and selling the creative works of A.M. Funk. The first incarnation of the business and website began in the late 1990s, early 2000s. In 2003, OLI moved to its own dot com.

A.M. Funk is a 30-something artist and writer from West Virginia, USA. For many years, she created work under her given name, but a change of careers led her to switch to a pen name. The “one ‘l'” in the business name comes from the spelling of A.M.’s first name, “Alison.”

The official mascot for OLI is Boris, a sometimes cranky sheep. He predates the inception of OLI by about five years.

Social Media Schedule

Weekly: Marketplace Monday New store items can release at any time throughout the week, but any week there are new releases, they will be listed in the Marketplace Monday post available on OLI.com, Tumblr, or Facebook.

Weekly: Full Page Friday A full page preview of my work posted every Friday on Facebook. Previous Full Page Friday posts have included transcripts of rough drafts, comic pencils, website updates, marker and watercolor work, and felt and foam designs.

Weekly: Saturday Studio Shot Wherever I am, there is my studio. See where I’ve been and what I’ve been working on with a weekly photo of my studio space posted to Tumblr every Saturday.

Weekly: This Week at OLI Shared exclusively for my Patreon patrons, a photo-collage of what I’ve worked on the preceding week.

Monthly: First Friday Fandom My monthly opportunity to indulge in all things fandom. Whether it be talking about the media I love or creating stories including some of my favorite characters, let me show you all the things I’m a fan of. First Friday Fandom comics are typically posted to Tumblr first, but are then listed on OLI.com (and Archive of our Own when applicable) during a future update.

Monthly: Second Saturday Q&A You have questions? Send them to my Ask Box on Tumblr, and I’ll answer them!

Monthly: Third Thursday Throwback Once a month, I dig through my previous works and pull one out of the archive to share on Tumblr.

Monthly: Month in Review An OLI.com post rounding up of all my new releases, social media posts, and whatever other important information I feel my reader need to know from the preceding month.