Month in Review: April 2016
May 2, 2016

While I’ve been busy outside the studio, a pair of my short stories have finished their shift over on Less than Three Press and are now available to read for free here on OLI.

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Marketplace Monday: Sailor Moon Sale!
April 4, 2016

We at OLI are super excited about the return of Sailor Moon Crystal for its third season today. To celebrate, prices have been reduced on Sailor Moon related items in the OLI on Storenvy Shop. If the pretty soldier in a sailor suit is not your thing (or you want a super deal), you can still get 15% off your total purchase in the Storenvy shop with code “season3”.

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Month in Review: March 2016
April 2, 2016

March, for me, means being an anxiety riddled mess–for various reasons–and oh boy does it show!
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Marketplace Monday: the Polar Bear and the Star, Coming Soon to Print
March 7, 2016

Download the Polar Bear and the Star for your Kindle or enjoy as a PDF.

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Month in Review: February 2016
March 2, 2016

The new came online on the eighth. (Ta-da!) The current WordPress theme is named “Boris 4.” And yes, they have all been named “Boris.” He’s rather vain that way. Which may be why “he” has taken the reins in social media as I give it up for my self-imposed Lent.

Beginning the eleventh and trickling out from there, the Polar Bear and the Star began its release in ebook format. I’ve received my proof of the (non short run minicomic) print format and given it my approval. Hopefully it will be available in the near future. Production on the .epub edition of the book has been put on the back burner for the time being. I’ve been spending time tinkering with it that I need to be spending drawing/writing/sewing, but I do intend to return to the project at a later date.

Ted the RA from Wanted! celebrated his birthday on the 21st. He’s looking forward to moving back into the dorm at Highland-Brighton College soon!

Marketplace Monday:
– the 8th: Deadpool Magnets
– the 15th: Lil’ Smoochers Price Drop, the Polar Bear and the Star ebooks
– the 22nd: Totoro Magnets Price Drop
– the 29th: Leap Day Sale! Through March 6, all items in OLI’s Storenvy shop are 29% off when you use code “leapday” at checkout.

Full Page Friday:
– the 5th: The Polar Bear and the Star, page 13 (13-14) 12 (12-13) toned
– the 12th: First Friday Fandom, “the Super Bowl,” pages 4 and 5 pencils
– the 19th: Bubbles thumbnails, page 1
– the 26th: (Missed!)

Saturday Studio Shot:
– the 6th: Groundhog Day at the West Virginia Wildlife Center
– the 13th: the Polar Bear and the Star, parting shot/a>
– the 20th:
Those five second between projects when my drawing table is (for the most part) empty.
– the 27th: (Missed!)

First Friday Fandom: The “Super”bowl Contrary to popular belief, the Superbowl has nothing to do with football. It actually has everything to do with how your favorite superheroes eat their morning cereal. (8 pages, LATE!)

Second Saturday Q&A: the Polar Bear and the Star Questions+What I’m Reading (or Not)

Third Thursday Throwback: “The Tennis Partners” (February 2012) “The Tennis Partners” went out of print this month, but George and Leo will be back again later this year.

See you in March!

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