Social Media Absence
February 9, 2016

“Bake king cake” is listed on my to do list for the day, so it must be Fat Tuesday. Which means tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.

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“Boris 4” is now up and running!
February 8, 2016

The installation of the new OLI WordPress theme “Boris 4” and associated site renovations have been completed. A number of minor edits and updates will continue to be made in the coming weeks. If you come across any errors, be sure to send an email!

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Marketplace Monday: Deadpool Magnets
February 8, 2016

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Month in Review: January 2016
February 1, 2016 spent about half the month behind a maintenance curtain while I got the new WordPress theme up and running and made tweaks to site design and such. (In fact, it’s still down as of this posting!) But things kept chugging along across social media. In addition to my regular posts, we also celebrated Marco from Wanted’s birthday on the fourth (he and the rest of the gang will be back soon!), and I delivered my yearly State of the Studio address on the twelfth.

Marketplace Monday:
– the 11th: 2015-2016 Winter Postcard Release (Available through the 14th of February!)

Full Page Friday:
– the 1st: Monthly Planning Pages
– the 8th: Catboy Pirate from the “I Don’t Know Where to File These” File Prismacolor and watercolor on cardstock
– the 15th: Redesign Preview
– the 22nd: The Polar Bear and the Star, page 1 Inked bluelines
– the 29th: Softcore “2016 Lace Panties Collection: (Untitled)” Sketch

Saturday Studio Shot:
– the 2nd: Bike desk–secret santa gift redos.
– the 9th: In which there are bandages and antibiotic ointment on my desk because I was apparently trying to cut my hands off at dayjob this week.
– the 16th: Sewing table.
– the 23rd: On the road!
– the 30th: Toby in my lap at the drawing table, watching turkeys.

First Friday Fandom: The Stress of Being Late for a Movie Don’t sweat the small stuff. Unless that small stuff if the new Star Wars–then become a highstrung ball of stress and fury. (1 page)

Second Saturday Q&A: “It’s Back! Edition

Third Thursday Throwback: Dean Winchester Lil’ Smoocher (February 2015) In honor of National Pie Day!

See you in February!

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Marketplace Monday: 2015-2016 Winter Postcard
January 11, 2016

Available on Storenvy.

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